@proguitar hi. I’m new here. Just read your article and you ask to review it right? Well for one looks like the major scale didn’t raise any interest and it should have, the western music theory is built on top of the major scale.
In your article you pose a question about the the 8 notes versus 12 frets. Actually any major scale has 7 notes out of the 12 existing and you mention the well tempered intonation. But thinking about it, the 12th fret is exactly half the measure of the string from nut to bridge so those 12 notes occur naturally, has to do with harmonics but surely I’m not the right guy to explain. This is just a thought that I share. What makes me disagree is at the end of the article you refer that knowledge of the notes (per string) is not “really a need”. I strongly disagree with this and speaking for myself that to this day many notes I have to pause and do the math to know exactly what note I’m playing and I really feel that is a disadvantage for me.
In general the article is well explained and interesting. Congratulations.