Tabulature for Pedal Steel Guitar

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    I wonder if there is anyone that have used MusicXml to create Tabulature for the Pedal Steel Guitar?
    The Pedal Steel has 10 string (at least) which can have any tuning
    (although there are some standards). This is the easy part and I have done this. the hard part is that the Pedal Steel guitar has a number of pedals that raises and lowers some of the strings when pushed, retuning the guitar
    The same pedal can raise one string and lower an other. and there is no limit to the number of strings affected by the pedal.
    The only thing I have seen about pedals are the piano pedal and Harp-pedal.
    Harp-pedal looks like it could be used, but I don't know how a Harp works so I don't know how the Harp-pedal works...
    Maybe someone has an sample that contains harp-pedal?

    Any help will be apprecited.

    Thank you.

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