Thumb Pick Recommendations

  • Hey all!

    I'm sure it's been covered here before but can't find an answer!

    Do you guys have recommendations for thumb picks for alternate bass/travis picking styles? I've been using either my thumb nail or a 'Gnaz Tapping Pick but kind of in the market to try something new.

    Let me know what you guys have found to work well!


  • Hi, me too.
    Tommy emmanuel recommened Jimdunlop. I used it to make alternate bass and it work. But one thing is the straight part of thumpick is too long. It very difficult to play attack and hit string at one time like Emil does.

  • @Tho
    I use "Golden Gate" medium thumb picks. They are slightly shorter than the dunlop mediums, and fits my thumb better. I actually file down the tip just a bit on all my thumb picks because I feel that they are too long. /Emil

  • @emilernebro
    And do you have any tips or advices of fileing it down?
    I use the standard dunlop brown series. But I guess they are a bit too long.

  • @FlorianFaber
    I'm actually thinking of making a video on this topic in January!

    What I do is that I use a nail clipper (if needed) to cut off the tip of the thumb pick slightly, but keeping the shape of the tip - so to speak..
    Then I use a file to file the tip and make it smoother. I use a certain angle to make the thumb pick feel like it's already been played and filed down "naturally".. This is hard to explain exactly in writing, so I'll do a video of this in January! Kind regards/ Emil

  • @emilernebro
    That would be awesome!
    Looking foward for that.
    Thank you!

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