Acoustic guitar price vs sound?

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    Is there a direct or explicit bounce in quality between guitar cost and sound as both go up. I realize costly guitars as a rule give a superior sound yet when you would place it in chart, would it be a straight line or have explicit bounces between value sections?

    I began with a $70 dollar guitar which was fine for the nuts and bolts. I at that point purchased and still have a way better sounding guitar which cost about $350. The bounce in quality is stunning.

    I was considering purchasing a stunningly better guitar yet I was thinking about how much the hole in sound would be the point at which I would purchase a $600, $800 or even $1000 dollar guitar. Would this take my breath away as large as my first update, would it merit the speculation?

    I realize giving a shot in guitar stores is a decent method to gauge the quality however I'm certain there must be a general layout on sound quality and cost.

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