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  • Hello, I recently upgraded to the premium version of the Pro Guitar Tuner app for my iPhone in order to tune my 5-string Banjo. However, since I have updated, the tuning needle within the app continues to go back and fourth and display a variety of notes, despite not having touched the instrument. If I use the app on my partner's Samsung, there are no issues. Is there any way to fix this?

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    We are sorry for the inconvenience and want to resolve this as soon as possible. Our initial guess is that this is related to background noise. We have chosen to set the sensitivity at a high level to allow as precise tuning as possible. A high sensitivity will make the tuner react to the background noise and the needle will flick around. Please try to keep the phone closer to your instrument if there is background noise while tuning.

    We will add a sensitive setting in coming releases, so you can adjust it when you are trying to tune in a noisy environment.

    Also, please try to restart your device to make sure the phone's systems are fresh and clean.

    Please try this and get back to us if you still are experiencing issues or have any questions. You can reach us here or at

    Best regards,

  • Thank you for the quick reply! My first thought was background noise as well, but the other phone does not pick up any background noise, unless the iPhone is much, much more sensitive than the Samsung.

    With that said, I was finally able to tune it with my phone, though the needle does continue to zip back and fourth.

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    We want to investigate this further and it would help us a lot if you could get back to us with audio and/or a video showing this behavior since we can not recreate the issue on our test devices.

    You can reach us at

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