Greetings from North Carolina

  • Hello all, I'm a fingerstyle guitarist hailing from North Carolina. I've been playing for a few decades but fingerstyle for less time.

    I would love to learn more about Emil's right hand technique with a thumb pick. I've never seen someone achieve that speed and clarity with single note jazz lines. It looks like a combination of alternate picking thumb and index finger, but there are sometimes sweeps (I've seen the sweep with the index, but how to sweep the other way??), banjo rolls, and maybe use of middle finger in some of those single note lines. I've noticed a lot more of that fast soloing playing in Emil's instagram stories. It seems the only way to develop speed is to have a consistent technique and I have not got one figured out yet.

    Anyways, love your sound, love your technique, love the amount of feeling you play with. I think you've done a lovely job taking the tools used by players like TE and Doyle Dykes and expanding them and putting your own fingerprint on them, really impressive stuff all around.

  • @pehlmanr
    Hi there!
    Thank you so very much for the kind words about my playing.
    I am definitely going to make a lesson on this subject, and I think it will be up within a couple of months. I have so many fun lessons in the pipeline and this is one of them :)
    Thanks so much for the request and thank you for being part of! Have a great day! Stay tuned, and keep picking! /E

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