Make a lesson on reed it?

  • Hej! Thank you as always for great lessons! Recently practiced alot of how to comp in your jazz-comping style, so fun! Did and learned everything in your fingerstyle jazz comping lesson, your jazz blues bassline tutorial and then figured out how to play your fly me to the moon version by looking and listening on many of you performances on YouTube. Looking forward to fingerstyle jazz comping vol 2 but after I saw your Live from Gothenburg Da capo video again I felt like posting the suggestion of making a tutorial on reed it, as your using alot of jazz comping there.. and that shouldn't be a licensing issue I guess? :) Just an idea, I enjoy all your content so far and I'm looking forward to learn all of it! Hälsningar från ett svinvarmt Stockholm!

  • @Fabs
    I could do a lesson on my song "Reed it" without any licensing issues! Good idea, I'll add it to what we have in the pipeline! :)
    Have a great day!! Soliga hälsningar från GBG! /E

  • @emilernebro thanx, awesome! :clap: :punch:

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