fingernail shape on my right hand

  • Hi @emilernebro and anyone else!

    I'm looking for advice about the shape of my fingernails on the right hand for the fingerpicking technique you use in these tutorials.

    If anyone has a good guide I would love to know!


  • Hi @Nat-Defriend ! Nice to hear from you, and thanks for being part of! :)

    Regarding nails:

    First of all, I use acrylic on my nails. I go to a saloon where they put that on, and then I shape the nails myself. The thicker the layer of acrylic is, the better the tone is, in my opinion. In the pictures below, you'll notice that it's been awhile since I put on new acrylic (I should do that today! :) ), maybe a month or more, and the acrylic only covers half of the nails now..

    This is the shape that I use on my nails:

    0_1631791169926_Naglar 1.jpg

    0_1631791300368_Naglar 2.jpg

    0_1631791399844_Naglar 3.jpg

    For me, it's important to file the nails in this angle (below). When I play a lot, the strings automatically "file" down the nails in this shape, so I try to get the shape of the nails already in that shape before, so that it feels natural right away. I want a smooth angle (with no sharp edges), and If I hold the nail file like this, it's easy to shape it in a good way that works great for me.
    0_1631792018363_Naglar 4.jpg

    Hope this helps, and let me know if you have any further questions! :)
    Kind regards /Emil

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