@arman said in Need Help with ltd EC1000 PIEZO:

I've got my ltd EC1000p several months ago and everything was working fine. but the other day when I plugged my guitar in JACK 1 with mono cable the magnetic pickup didn't work. when I use the mag/piezo selector only piezo pickup have sound. It means I don't have the blend of both magnetic and piezo or magnetic pickup right now. please help me with this. what could be the problem?
it is good to know that when I use JACK 2 the magnetic pickups work fine and when I use a stereo cable in JACK 1, just piezo pick up have sound and nothing is coming out of magnetic pickups.
I appreciate any help on this.

The problem may be the mono cable or jack that you are using. Try using a different mono cable or jack and see if that helps. If not, it may be a problem with the wiring or circuitry of the guitar itself. You may need to take the guitar to a professional repair shop to have it looked at.