@gpak Hi there!
Thank you so much for your kind words and for being part of the platform!!
Since I don’t know your level at the moment, I cannot say exactly what I would suggest you to start - but the most important thing is to get your thumb more independent from your fingers if you haven’t got that down already. So the the lessons called Fingertsyle basics is where I suggest everyone to start if they want to get into fingerstyle. After getting the thumb more independent, you can go in different directions depending in what your goal is. If you’re interested in playing solo guitar for others, I suggest you to try a couple of the tunes from the site that has a “boom chick” bass line. Like the tunes in the fingerstyle basics lessons, and then maybe Folsom prison blues, wellerman or something like that. If your also interested in improvisation and learning how to solo, I suggest you to start with the improv level one course and then level two, followed by “jazz up your blues”, “arpeggios”, “country guitar soloing”. Then move on to some jazz lines if you like that stuff too! There’s really a ton of stuff on this site that can help you become a better musician, and it’s really up to your own taste and what you’d like to be able to do with your music and your playing. Please let me know your level and what your goal is and I’ll suggest some ideas! Kind regards /E