1 minute lesson - Jazzy intro in C

  • If you want to create a cool intro to your jazz arrangement or song, play a I, VI, II, V- progression in the key that you're in. For instance, in C major, the chords would be: Cmaj7, Am7, Dm7, G7. You can do variations on those chords, and we will do that in this example. The Am7 is often substituted to an altered dominant chord and in this case we're using a
    A7(b9#5) instead of the Am7. We're also using a Db9 as a substitution for the G7, and
    that is called a "flat five substitution". The Db9 is very similar to a G altered chord, and it
    works great as a sub for the G7. Have fun everyone!

    How To Make A Jazz Intro - ProGuitar – 00:58
    — ProGuitar

  • @emilernebro
    This is good. Thank you Emil.

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