I have a growing collection of music tools at Github...

  • Except... I can't seem to find the secret button that will let me transfer this account to a different website... ugh

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    Hello Eric,

    Great that you are working with music tools!

    Though, I do not understand what you want to do. Do you want to move your projects from github?

    Kind regards,
    Pro Guitar

  • Awesome! Quite the opposite though.
    I discovered Proguitar.com early on in my journey. For me, it has become obvious that GitHub is much more stable environment than the free, disposable hosting @ x10host (no offence. It just is.)
    At Github, all of my experiments (work) automatically receive an 'https' address instead of less secure alternative.
    So nay, it is GitHub that I am running TO... Not from... (I'm a glutton for punishment, lol) ;)
    I do have a tuner in the collection already but, for the lil' 'one-stop-shop'/Frankenweirdness I'm putting together... it's just easier to pay homage to your beautiful and very complete tuner.
    Deep down... I just want to give users the best possible experience (you wont ever even see a donate button!)
    I learned it from watching you!

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