Could really use some help finding an amp (up to $800 US)

  • After finally recovering from my pedal addiction(it’s ok i know i’m lying to myself too), I’ve decided to turn to my new vice of finding an amp that i can both play at home and gig small venues. [free netflix](link url) [tech news](link url) I feel like i’m a recommender’s worst nightmare when it comes to genres i want to play. [android 9](link url) Put simply, all of it. I play anything from jazz to blues, rock and heavy metal. For the most part my pedals help me with that, so in the end i’ve found that my probable best fit is a two channel tube head(i’ve got a 1x12 and a 4x12 cab already) with a really good clean channel, and a gain channel that either already does great high gain, or can be boosted up with a TS or OCD. This all seems like it would be an easy choice but those damn companies keep putting in awesome options and i start getting greedy. The biggest thing stopping me from getting a TubeMeister20 this instant is the shared eq between the clean and gain channel. I’ve seen things about amps needing different settings between the clean and lead channels, and that’s not an issue at home, but live that’s a no-go.

    Is that even a problem or am i just making mountains outta molehills here?

    Also having a simulated-cab out is kinda big to me(reason i haven’t already jumped on the PRS MT15), but i can probably get over it if an amp is just the best thing ever.

    TL;DR- I want a 2 channel amp that can switch down to lower wattages with preferably local eq’s (unless that’s not actually a problem), a good clean channel and at least a boostable-to-heavy-metal-status \m/ lead channel and simulated-cab out, all for the low-low price of $800. Could possibly go higher. Willing to look for used too.

    Amps i’m interested in are the TM20, PRS MT15, any of the Peavey MH’s (the upcoming Invective is basically perfect, i just can’t stand the unknown release date) Please do call me an idiot if i’m just completely overlooking the perfect option, but only after you tell me what that option is!

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