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  • It has always been super interesting to me to see the various styles of Fingerstyle Guitar. Whether it be the style of Chet Atkins (Boom Chick Guitar), Merle Travis, Martin Taylor, or even Tuck Andress. All of these legends bring so much to the table as far as technique, feel, and rythm. I would be interested to here what all of you had to say about some of these topics. I thought I'd start a thread discussing the various styles of play. What are some similarities? What are some differences? It would be interesting to here all your thoughts!

    Happy Picking,
    Hudson Dean

  • Luthier

    Thanks for starting this interesting topic! One similarity is that they all are awesome guitarists :smiley:

    :boom: @emilernebro this is your field! :grinning:

  • @Hudson_Dean Hey man! Great question! I think I can add something to this thread. I really love that Fingerstyle Guitar always is changing, and I discover new ways of playing all the time! If you look at the "Boom Chick" Chet Atkins Style, there's many players playing in this style - but there are some significant differences between say Merle Travis and Chets playing! Chet played the bass notes very articulated and usually have the same picking pattern for the right hand thumb. For instance, if he'd play a regular C chord in the open position, he'd play the A string first, then the D string, then the E string, and back to the D string. That's in 4/4. Merle on the other hand would kind of "strum" and strike several bass-notes at the same time using the thumb pick. Starting on the A string, and then kind of strum the D, G and even the B string at once, and then play the low E string and then strum those 3 strings again! Similar to Chet but still way different! :) There are so many things that I could add to this topic but for now I'll let someone else take over, and I'll be back!! :) Looking forward to reading more from you Hudson! Kind regards/Emil

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