Hi, i`m Mahdad Eslami from Tehran,IRAN 🇮🇷

  • Hi dear friend,
    I`m Mahdad, Banjo player and also Guitar player.
    I started guitar 19 years ago, Flamenco and Country style,
    I started banjo in 2004, bluegrass style from Tony Trischka (of course online) and then I designed a website for introducing banjo in Iran banjo.ir
    I found you in instagram and i really like your picking style.

    Thanks a lot for awsome training.
    Best regards

    Mahdad Eslami.

  • @mahdad Hi Mahdad! Welcome to ProGuitar! :) Glad you're here! That is awesome! I wish I could play Flamenco! We're actually going to add a couple of Flamenco lessons on the site later this year!
    I'm glad you like my picking style! Today we've added a new arrangement and this time it's the classic "The Entertainer" :) Hope you like it Mahdad, have a great day! /Emil

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