Guitar finger picks for Banjo rolls?

  • I'm Bruce, from Kenmore. WA, USA. Just joined and trying to learn the lessons for the Banjo rolls. It appears as if Emil is wearing some sort of small finger picks or nail extensions. With my - barely a mm beyond the skin, finger nails, I'm finding it difficult to do the rolls due to having to stick my fingers too far in between the strings. Wondering if anyone knows what Emil is using &/or have any suggestions. I really like the crystal-clear tone he is getting. Metal finger picks seem like they would be too loud.

  • @bbisci
    If you look closely at Emils right hand it looks like he spends some time shaping the fingernails to achieve his sound or they could be Acrylic nails which is more likely

  • Hi there!
    I use my own nails, but I have acrylic on the nails. So they are much thicker than my regular nails, which enables me to get a better sound. The goal is to have the same sound coming from striking a string with my thumb pick, or with a nail. My suggestion is, try going to a nail saloon and ask them to put acrylic on the nails (some shops only handles "gel", but you do need acrylic since it's going to last longer). Start off by filing the nails down so that they're not very long at all. It takes some time to get used to, so give it a couple of weeks of practice! But you're right; banjo rolls are easier to play when you use nails! Kind regards/Emil

  • @emilernebro Thanks, Emil. I'll take a look into this. Really enjoying your lessons alot.

  • @boydy Thanks, for your observation. After a few more viewings, I can see what are describing.

  • @bbisci Happy to hear that! Thank you for being part of the ProGuitar community! /E

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