Improv Level 2

  • Hi Emil,
    Do you have an ETA on when you're planning to publish level 2? You referenced it a couple of times during the video. I might also be missing something.
    Thanks and keep up the great work! Really enjoy your lessons.

  • @kraut
    Thanks Daniel for the comment! And I'm really glad you like the lessons!
    Yes, the Improv level 2 has been "delayed" since I've tried to add lessons to the site that people have asked for the most. I hope to make a lvl 2 video on that topic as soon as I can, but there's a few other videos that will be posted before that. If you haven't already checked out the "Jazz Up Your Blues" lesson, I'd strongly suggest you look into that one. It might be a bit more advanced (maybe level 3 improv level), but I'm sure you'll find some tools and ideas to work with on that lesson! It's one of my favourite lessons :) Have a great day Daniel and thanks for reaching out! Kind regards/ Emil at ProGuitar

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