Banjo roll intro speed transition

  • Hi Emil, I'm really enjoying the banjo roll course and feel I'm making steady progress. It's a very good course and thank you for being clear and precise. I'm having difficulty transitioning from slow tempo to medium tempo in the introductory classic roll in G. I can't seem to get the count. It's just that intro roll. Can you offer any suggestion as to how to count it? Many thanks, Peter

  • @peterburns mmmmm?

  • @peterburns Hi Peter! Sorry for the late reply, I discovered your question way too late! I'm guessing that you're speaking about the intro lick in G for the "Cycle Solo". I'm thinking of all those notes as 8th notes, but the 16th notes in there is just a "hammer-on" that I dont really count since the tempo is too fast for that. I try to think of that whole "line" as 8th notes only, but with a few hammer ons added for the banjo sound style. Try to count everything as 8th notes in slower tempo, and then try the medium and count the same way. If you try to count the two 16th notes followed by the one 8th notes, it will be confusing since it's a fast song. Kind regards/Emil

  • @emilernebro thank you.

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