Bracing the right hand with pinky

  • Excellent Lesson, Emil. You covered all the ground. I play with a thumb pick but have always avoided the harp type stuff. I usually brace my right hand with my pinky. When I don’t brace, my fingers become very inaccurate. (My hand even tends to shake) Any suggestions? Is it possible to some how brace or steady the right hand?

  • @Rich-A Thank you very much!! Glad you like the lesson! I brace using my pinky sometimes too, but I also find that I can brace my right arm, on the body of the guitar. So I kind of brace the arm/hand when pressing the right arm against the top (or where the top meets the side of the guitar.. on the edge - if you know what I mean) of the guitar. Could this work for you too?
    Kind regards /E

  • @emilernebro
    Thanks for the tips on bracing. Been working on it for about a month or so and it’s progressing nicely. I also noticed that keeping the index finger close to the strings after plucking the harmonic helps to gain speed with the full pattern, so the index kind of glides over the arc of the string instead of lifting too high after plucking. Just high enough so the harmonic rings but no more than that. Your lessons are great and this harmonic technique is something I always wanted to learn but never enough to utilize it. So thank you very much. It’s greatly appreciated.

  • @Rich-A
    I'm very happy to hear that Rich! Really glad that you're learning from the lessons and reaching out here on the forum! Keep picking! :) Kind regards/E

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