the beginning chord

  • HI, what is being played at the beginning the B minor chord? its moving to fast to see what finger patterns are being used and notes played

  • @Evanb667 Hi Evan! Where in the video did I play that specific thing you're talking about? I'll let you know as soon as I know what part of the video you're referring to. Kind regards/Emil

  • The beginning riff at 1 min 20 playing a B minor

  • @Evanb667
    Yes ok! If you look at example 9, that's the technique I use there (although it's over a B minor instead of A minor). The only difference is that I go back down the arpeggio as well. Making the pull-off on the high E string, as well as the pull-off on the B string as well. So I use the same "pull off" technique on the high two strings. (See example 9 to learn the pull off on the high E string, then do the same on the B string, hammering on two frets above the index finger bar. If you'd play this on the B minor chord, then hammer on on the 9th fret of the B string. I end the whole thing by playing an harmonic on the 8th fret (fretting that note, C#, and playing the harmonic 12 frets above that note.. thats the 9th of the chord, which makes the whole thing sound very nice.. Ending on that 9th! Let me know if you need more help! Kind regards/E

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