Arranging jazz standards.

  • Hey gentlemen!

    I'm here with a question for you again. Hope I'll not annoy everyone))

    I wanted to ask you about arranging songs. I'm currently watching Emil's, Joe Pass, Tommy emmanuels videos and I'm trying to copy as much as I can. But to play it - is one side and to understand it is very important as well.

    Could you guys recommend any nice video lessons, or a book that can explain it in a good way. ?

    Thank you very much!
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


  • Hi Kirill,
    what kind of arranging do you mean?
    Rhythm playing?
    Do you have theory background?

    I learned Emils walking bass slap chord thing the last weeks.
    You can find it here:
    Guitar Lesson from Emil Ernebro - Walking Bass Lines Technique – 26:04
    — Emil Ernebro

    He explains a good way to find walking bass lines combining with chordrhythm. So you can use it on every tune you want.

    I tried it on "Swing 42" of Django and "All of me".
    So much fun.

    Cheers, Florian

  • The video is awesome!! :relaxed:

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