Hello from France

  • Hi !
    I’m a long time Guitar player, but I’ve never really played fingerstyle.
    I saw your videos, and I was enthousiastic !!!
    Great guitar player, Emil !

    I spent hours trying to play your fantastic arrangement of Silent Night. I sent it to my family and friends for Christian. What a challenge !

    Now I’ve registered, so many things to learn from you !



    Please be indulgent to my ‘performance’. ;-)
    Douce nuit... – 01:39
    — Didier Robin

  • @Daillou
    Your video made me really happy! So nice to see that you've learned the Silent Night arrangement. You sound great! I'm sure your family and friends loved the video as well!

    Welcome to the site Didier! I wish you a wonderful week!
    Kind regards/Emil

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