Hello from Sweden

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    I'm a retired teacher from Ljungskile, Sweden. I love your arrangement of "Brothers in arms" hope to find on this site some day?

  • @shplg Hi there! Glad you like the "Brothers In Arms" arrangement! Unfortunately it is tricky to get the permission to post notation/TAB/lessons on popular songs like that. Hopefully we'll find a good solution to this problem, but right now we cannot make a lesson on that one, so sorry! Hope you find some other song/lesson on the site that might interest you! Ha en bra dag!
    Kind regards/E

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    This whole site is a great inspiration, especially in times like this! Originally I'm a classical guitarist and I find that my right hand is fairly well suited for this kind of playing, without the thumb pick though :)

  • @shplg
    Happy to hear that! :)

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