String Squeaks!

  • Thank you so much for this wonderful version of the Entertainer. I am starting to get a hang of it - except one thing. I can't seem to eliminate all of the string squeaks due to all that sliding around of the left hand. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks!

  • @RoJoNis
    Glad to hear that you're working on "The Entertainer"! That's a fun one! :)

    Personally, it don't really bother me when there are some string squeaks - but if you feel that it's way too much I'd suggest you to try out other strings. D'Addario "Flat tops phosphor bronze" are really great if you want to reduce finger noise! Those strings are made with that in mind, and they produce a warm, semi-bright tone.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance!
    kind regards/E

  • Thanks Emile. I will practice a bit more and then decide if I should order a set of the flat tops.

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