Frets of the guitar

  • Hey everyone,

    I think my Maton SRS 808 need some new frets and here comes the question.
    I‘m playing a lot of fingerstyle, jazz and improvisation with it and I‘m not sure which kind of frets are better for me, my playing and my guitar. Jumbo frets, narrow frets? Which kond of material? Steel? What do you guys think about that?
    Cheers, Florian

  • Luthier

    Hello Florian,

    You could look into Evo frets if you can live with the gold color. They are not as hard as stainless steel but much harder than traditional frets. The size, especially the height, also depends on the string gauge and how hard you press when fretting. These two factors impact the intonation quite a bit.

    Kind regards,

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