Does it works with hybrid picking ?

  • I find this lesson very interesting, having lot of learning the different lessons, the progression is very interesting, step by step, using a metronome.
    The only problem is that I use hybrid picking technique and I won't change. So I use the pick instead of the thumb, the ring finger instead of the middle finger, and the little instead of the ring finger. Is it correct ? Or does it exist others patterns, others rolls for hybrid picking ? Thanks for your answer. Fabien

  • @Fabneg
    That is exactly right! The musicians that I know who’s playing hybrid technique plays just like you. That’s great!

  • Thank you Emile for your answer, It's going to give me blisters on my little finger that I didn't use until now. Your lesson is very well done, It's all that I needed, thanks a lot, Fabien

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