Should I lower the action on my guitar?

  • Hello everyone!

    Sorry in advance if this is posted in the wrong section.

    I recently bought a Martin 000-15M. I really like the guitar, but I feel I struggle a bit too much playing fingerstyle songs. The action on the lower E string is at around 2.1 mm and the higher E is at about 1.7 mm (measured at the 13th fret with a capo on the 1st fret)

    I've noticed that Emil's playing seems to effortless, and I'm wondering if a low action a part of that. Obviously there's a lot more going on than just low string action, as he is a world class player.

    Also one of Tommy Emmanuel's top 10 tips is to get the guitar setup right.
    I've read that he has a very low string action (12th fret):
    Low E: 0.137mm
    High E: 0.127mm

    I'm curious to know what people consider a high or low action. Is mine high or low? Should I get it set lower? I'd love for my guitar to be a bit easier to play.

    Thank you.

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