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  • Hi Emil, when I watch your playing closely, I think that the fluidness of your music does not only lie in the right hand. The positioning of the index finger of the left hand (when you're playing the minor pentatonic scale) is also an issue to talk about...;-) The top of your index finger stays very, very close to the string. Can you tell us something about the way you do that? Should the top of the index already rest there before I do the hammer-on or the pull-off (in stead of press the index/pinky or index/ringfinger simulteanously)?

  • @NicolaasBond
    I try not to be too far away from the strings with any finger, and I think my index finger is the closest one to the strings - just like you mentioned. This is actually something that I didn't really practice intentionally, it just happened after practicing a lot. I think it's important to feel as relaxed as you can in both hands, and not move the hand too much when you're playing. Just try to stay as close as possible. Kind regards/E

  • Thanks, Emil.

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