Exercise for the missing string?

  • I really really sorry for my english, i am italian.

    I was trying to search the internet for those suffering from this problem but I never find anything about it
    I never find information
    I'll show you two photos (which are just simple scenarios that can happen while I'm playing) limitedly represent what I mean.
    it is a problem that can happen even just playing, BUT MAINLY ONLY IN FINGERSTYLE

    In the first photo:
    I show that it can happen that with all my fingers I do not get a good grip on the string that I have to press.
    As if I were slipping, or trying to reach it, I don't know why the finger ends up under the rope.
    In this case I had to play string A
    But my finger even if I try to reach it automatically ended up under the rope and I don't know why. (attention: it can happen if I play fast BUT SOMETIMES even slowly so the problem is there)

    In the second photo:

    Instead I show how the finger takes the string but (often ONLY WITH THE E STRING) somehow slips making me take the string not really '' well '' with a slightly lower part of the finger where it is usual to press a string. (I don't know if I made you understand well)

    Since I am self-taught and I learned the guitar by myself, I never did any technical exercises. Never in my life and this thing gave me the motivation to FINALLY start DOING IT.
    I have been playing with the metronome for 4 days doing EXERCISES.
    These (easy) exercises, however, I DON'T KNOW IF THEY ARE RIGHT TO ME and if they can help me, please take a look.

    Best Finger Exercises For Guitar – 13:13
    — Andy Guitar

    exercises I'm talking about you can see them at minute 2:58
    I'm playing with the metronome (and I never did)
    I like it but I don't know if it can give me the results I'm looking for. Does this exercise seem useful to you? do you have others?

    I have been playing the guitar for almost 4 years and I can also do some fingerstyle pieces by tommy emmanuel but I realize I make mistakes and I don't like it. I WANT TO LEARN, thanks if someone will answer and give me advice too.

  • @MrSecco
    Hi there!

    Thanks for sending us the questions!
    Always fun when people reach out for some guitar tips and tricks!

    What you’re describing is pretty common, and most people have been experiencing similar problems when playing guitar.

    There are a few things that you can have in mind.

    1. Make sure you cut your nails fairly short so that the angle of the fingers (tip of the finger) presses down the string in the right way, just like in the video that you sent.

    2. If your action (string height) is a bit too high, this problem of “missing” the string so that the finger gets under the string will happen much more often. So it’s really good to go to a music store and try a guitar with a really low and comfortable action, which will make it much easier - and you’ll not have the same problem as much. Most guitars can be adjusted so make sure you give it to a luthier or maintenance and repair person to help you lower the action if it’s too high.

    3. Everyone has different opinions on how wide the guitar neck should be. I’d suggest you to try acoustic guitars with different measurements when it comes to how wide the neck is, cause it might be much easier for you to have a wider (or smaller ) neck.. try out different ones and see if this problem occurs or not.

    4. Strings. Try different types of strings, to see if this helps. Coated strings are much more slippery, which can cause these problems that you have. Phosphor bronze strings that are not coated might be better for you! (I use phosphor bronze strings)

    The video exercises that you sent are ok, and will help - but make sure your right hand are located over the sound hole (and not like the guy is teaching in the video).

    Hope this helps! Kind regards/ Emil

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