G’day from Australia!

  • Hi Emil and all!
    Tim from the Yarra Valley in Australia here.
    Been playing forever (35+ years) singer/songwriter blues/folk/rock
    I’ve been playing finger style for a while but mainly songs I have learned and my technique has been driven by that. I’ve signed up because I really like the advanced techniques taught and also Emil’s style is very cool.
    I’ve spent the last few weeks on Folsom Prison and it’s been tough as I have fat fingers but I’m getting it now and as it’s already in my set I’ll add this version to mine and impress myself no end. 😂
    Look forward to connecting with you all.

  • @TimOz
    Hi Tim!!
    Awesome to meet you, and thanks so much for being part of ProGuitar.com! So glad you like the techniques that I teach on the site! Let me know if there's anything you wish me to teach on the site in the future!
    Cheers Tim!
    Kind regards/E

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