is it okay to set low Guitar action with buzzing sounding ?

  • Hello ! I want to know is it okay to set low guitar action for fingerstyle and is it okay to hearing buzzing sound?

  • @Kyaw
    Hi there!

    I use a very low action on the guitar, and it's buzzing a little bit - but I think that's ok. When you plug in the guitar to an amp or a PA, you can't hear the buzzing too much. It's a good thing to set up your guitar in a way that really makes it feel good and makes it easy to play! Although a higher action might give me more sustain and volume, I prefer a guitar that is comfortable to play, and I still get a good sound out of the instrument with a low action. Kind regards/Emil

  • @emilernebro
    If you like the sound of buzzing, I suppose it's OK, but most people don't like that sound. Maybe try a lighter string gauge. If you're playing a Flamenco guitar, the buzzing sound is alright, but that blends in. I'm not sure how that would be on a steel string guitar. That's my personal opinion. Check with other people, especially a luthier that can set up your guitar with the lowest possible clearance.

  • @emilernebro Hey Emil! Could you tell us a bit more about your Settings for Acoustic Guitars? I just got a Maton EBG 808 Artist not long ago and appart from setting the string action a bit lower I didn't do anything else and I was wondering if there is anything else I could do to make the playing more comfortable. Maybe you could start by telling me what strings you are using!
    Thank you so much in Advance!

  • @Kiki
    Hi there!
    Thanks for asking!

    I have the neck on the guitars very straight, and I give it to my luthier for saddle/nut adjustments. Usually he does a fret job on it to make it not buzz too much even though the neck is straight.

    I have the action set low, and I use D'Addario strings, phosphor bronze 12-53 (although I use a 14 on my high E string to get a bigger tone on the high E string. I rarely bend more than a whole step on that string anyways, so I can have a thicker string there.. Learned that from Joe Robinson :) )

    Let me know if you have any other questions!
    Kind regards/Emil from

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