Selling a Mortoro Jazz Guitar

  • It was suggested that I post a 1994 Mortoro Jazz Guitar I received from Gary in 1994, made for me.


    Mortoro Guitar Free Flight “Volo Libero:, Hollow Body electric Jazz guitar Built in 1994 by Gary Mortoro. I used to live less than a mile away from him in Miami.

    41” Length 15.5” wide 2.25” thick with a single Benedetto Pickup

    Golden Maple Body and maple neck. Carved ebony inlaid finger board. Solid ebony carved finger board and ebony tail piece. The fingerboard is very precise and inlaid with mother of pearl.

    Built in 1994 serial no. 0294. This guitar was built for me as a gift from Gary who was a personal friend. He built it in the very traditional arch top jazz style. Pictures and more description below, but me phone nbr is 904-520-8217

    This guitar sounds warm and mellow even when played without an amp. I can send you a file with the guitar plugged in through my amplifier or unamplified. Even with it being played with no amplifier, it has a sweet sound.

    Gary built this guitar for me in 1994 it is a custom hand made guitar by Guitar maker from Miam. Gary Mortoro was a student of Bob Benedetto. He has made guitars for the following great guitarists: Gene Bertonucci, Tony Mottola, Bucky Pizzarelli, Jimmy Vivino, Rodney Jones, George Benson and Jimmy Buffet. (I actually played a few chords on it right before he shipped it to Jimmy). Rodney Jones said, "There is no finer Archtop available, simply put Gary's guitars are the D'Angelicos of the future".

    My guitar has a very pronounced acoustic value, when played either in electric or acoustic. This guitar is in pristine condition no scratches, belt rashes, it does not have any dings. I’ve kept the guitar in it’s case, with no play wear. Comes with a hard case. There have never been any repairs there are no cracks , no checking or chips on this guitar. This is in excellent condition virtually in the same condition as when I received it from him. Pictures:

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