Fly me to the moon!

  • Hi Emil, once again absolutely loving the lesson! I am learning SO much and you have completely rekindled my passion for this beautiful instrument.

    Do you have an arrangement of Fly me to the Moon? or indeed any specific Jazz classics? I spent a few very happy weeks learning a beautiful Clive Carroll version of Autumn Leaves and I wondered if this was something you would be able to share or make a lesson on?


  • All of Me would be absolutely wonderful to be able to work on using our style also...

  • @Nat-Defriend Hi Nat!
    Thanks for asking!

    We currently don't have too many Jazz Standards as lessons because we need publishing rights to be able to release arrangements and tabs for songs that are not Public Domain. However, we're working on ways to be able to get the licences to do this.
    We have a wonderful version of the beautiful standard "Danny Boy" (or londonderry air), if you'd like to check it out:

    Hope you have a wonderful day Nat!
    Kind regards/Emil from

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