How to get the "Emil Sound" from recording equiptment.

  • I've just gotten a new Maton EGB 808 artist and I have a pair of mics but I'm having a hard time getting my setup to sound really good and clear. In the past I've used FL Studio for recording audio but I know others here may prefer other DAWs. I know that you want two microphones evenly spaced on either side of the sound hole and I've heard people throw around words like "pan out", but I don't know how to do that. I know there is a little bit of reverb in Emil's sound, but I just don't know how it sounds so good and I would love even a reference about where to start to learn to get better at this stuff. I'm using this video as a template. I would definitely believe that some component of this comes down to individual artistic touches that are impossible to replicate, but I'm definitely missing something recording-wise as well.

    On a separate note, does anyone have tips for how to record audio and video at the same time? Are y'all just syncing it up after the fact?

  • @pehlmanr

    Hi there!

    I’m using two microphones, and usually it’s a couple of Neumann TLM 102.
    From there I go into a simple preamp/daw which is called steinberg UR44. I use an iMac with protools.
    When I record I have one mic around the 12th fret and one mic on the bridge.
    In any recording software program like protools or similar, you can pan the channels right and left - and I usually pan one mic around 35 to the left and 35 to the right.
    I do a simple eq mix where I usually cut a bit of bass and get rid of a couple of harsh frequencies in the upper midrange etc. maybe boost the highs a bit on the bridge mic.
    And I add reverb to both channels.
    Very simple recording process and I don’t do much at all really, just two mics and a bit of work with eq and then add reverb.
    Kind regards /Emil

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