steel or nylon???

  • Hi!
    Just wondering for fingerstyle is it better to have a nylon-stringed guitar, or is steel just as good?Thanks!

  • @SION Hi there!
    It really depends on the style you play and how you play! Sometimes, I feel that blues sounds better on the steel string guitar, because it has a much more bluesy sound. That being siad, there are some great musicians using the Nylon string for blues too!
    If you play with nails, it's a bit easier to play nylon string I think!
    I use nylon string for some songs and steel string for others! :) Kind regards/E

  • thanks emilernebro!!!

  • @SION No problem! Are you playing mostly Nylon today?

  • @emilernebro no actually, I play everything, nylon for classical guitar ensemble, jazz guitar for the school stage band, and fingerstlye, it is just that I do not currently own a steel string and been thinking about getting an elctro acoustic steel string...any recommended brands? I was thinking martin co???

  • @SION Ok! The Martin CO does great guitars, and depending on your budget youll probably get a great guitar by Martin. Although there are may other great brands, like Larrivee and Maton. If you want to go a little lower in price you can check out Sigma guitars and Furch! Id suggest you look into the OM style guitars, especially if you like fingerstyle. Kind regards/Emil

  • Thanks!!! How much would u say would get a really good guitar I don't want over two thousand...????

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