Chordal Relationships in a Diatonic Key (Improvisation)

  • The blessing and curse of guitar is the never ending cycle that there is to learn on this instrument. I recently learned how chords in a diatonic key relate to each other. This was a huge surprise to me because this concept was new to me. My first impression of this was, "Wow this could totally revolutionize my soloing!" An example of this was the relationship between the Tonic and Median of any key. I noticed that if the Tonic is a Major 9 chord and the Median is a Minor 7th chord they are the exact same. Only the root is excluded in the Median. I then realized that I could use the E minor 7 arpeggio to solo over a C major Chord to create a major 9 sound. Any other substitutions that come to mind?
    Happy Picking!

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