Hi Jack!

There are many brands that build amazing world class instruments. I've tried some guitars that are considered
some of the best guitars ever made - and some of them I didn't like at all, because they didn't fit my playing style, didn't feel
right in my hands and didn't produce a sound that I liked. But I have colleges that play that exact guitar - and it sounds amazing
and feels amazing in their hands. All about taste and feel just like strings etc.
Asking who makes the best acoustic guitars in the world is kind of like asking who makes the best music in the world.. It's up
to you what you like - and I always suggest for someone who looks for a new guitar to try as many instruments as possible.
The guitar that you just don't want to stop playing - that's the one! :)

I'd say it's not about price either, because there are certain guitars that have a sound and/or a feel that just makes you want
to keep playing it, but the guitar doesn't necessarily cost a lot at all.

But this is just my humble opinion and I'd love to hear what other people think about this subject!

Thanks for asking about this Jack!!