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Step 1 when it comes to learning how to play the blues, is to listen to a lot of it! Find recordings of those great players that you mentioned, and listen over and over. All those players are incredible, and their way of comping and playing lead is great - and some of it can be learned pretty quickly, in terms of what chords they use, voicings and scales.
There are a few chords and certain voicings that they all use when they play the blues, and it's usually combinations of dominant 7th chords and dominant 9 chords. (When it comes to minor blues, there are other chords of course.)

The major and minor pentatonic scale (as well as the mixolydian mode, which is the 5th mode of the major scale) is the most frequently used scales in the blues.
On our site (proguitar.com/academy) we don't have many lessons on the blues style a la SRV/hendrix/clapton YET, but we do have a couple of lessons that I think might open up your playing. One is called "Country Guitar: Soloing Concepts", and in that lesson, I'm teaching how to move along with the chords in a Country Blues. (This concepts work in any Blues style as well.) We're learning how to outline the blues changes, just like your favourite players do. If you want to take it one step further, you chan check out "Jazz Up Your Blues" lesson, and that is more on how to spice up your soloing. If you like Robben Fords playing, you might like that lesson! :)

The "Open string licks" VOL. 2 lesson also features some cool licks for the Shuffle Blues as well as a great blues solo that you might like!

Anyway, we will definitely add more blues lessons for you in the future!
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