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  • RE: Bridge over troubled water

    Hi Doug!
    I don't have a lesson on it, but I'll send you an email on this song.
    Kind regards/E

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  • RE: What does this mean?

    Hi there!

    Let's take Cmaj7 as an example to demonstrate this.

    Cmaj7 has 4 notes,
    C, E, G, B

    Cmaj7 root position, would have the C note in the bass.
    For example: C, E, G, B.
    The order of the rest of the notes (all the notes except the bass note, C) doesn't really matter how you voice them, as long as you have the C note played as the bottom note.

    If we'd play a Cmaj7 chord 1st in version, then the 3rd would be in the bass. 3rd meaning major 3rd of the chord, which is the note E.
    For example: E, B, C, G. (as you can see, the 3rd (E) is now played as the bottom note. The rest of the notes, B, C and G can be voiced in any order that you like and that is physically manageable on the guitar. Some voicing that are really easy on piano might be really difficult on the guitar, because of how the instrument works/tuning etc.

    If we were to play Cmaj7 in the 2nd inversion, that would be playing the 5th in the bass (meaning 5th of the chord - which is the note G).
    For example: G, C, E, B.

    And finally, the 3rd inversion is playing the 7th in the bass..
    For example: B, E, G, C...

    Like I mentioned above.. the order of the rest of the notes is all up to you. The main thing you need to learn is that
    Root position means playing the chord with the root in the bass
    1st inversion means that we play the 3rd in the bass
    2nd inversion means that we play the 5th in the bass
    3rd inversion means that we play the 7th in the bass.

    Let me know if you have any further questions! I'm always happy to help!
    Kind regards/Emil

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  • RE: Hi, I'm Francisco from Chile.

    Glad you're part of ProGuitar Academy!!
    Stay in touch! /E

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  • RE: Hi, I'm Francisco from Chile.

    Hi Francisco!!
    So glad to hear that the site has helped you become a better player!
    Are there many fingerstyle guitar players in Chile?

    Have a great day!!
    Kind regards/Emil

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  • RE: forward rolls

    Hi there!
    The best way to develop speed when it comes to banjo rolls for guitar, is to play together with a metronome at a slow tempo and build it up. It can feel a bit overwhelming to practice for 20-30 minutes on the same roll in a slow tempo, but that's what we need to be able to increase the tempo. Give it time and don't rush it. Example:
    Practice for 20 minutes at a really slow tempo
    Take a break
    Practice for 20 minutes with an increased BPM tempo (maybe increase by 8 bpm or so)
    Take a break
    Practice for 20 minutes with an increased BPM again.. and so forth. This is how I built the speed,
    Kind regards/E

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  • RE: Needs help

    @gpak Hi there!
    Thank you so much for your kind words and for being part of the platform!!
    Since I don’t know your level at the moment, I cannot say exactly what I would suggest you to start - but the most important thing is to get your thumb more independent from your fingers if you haven’t got that down already. So the the lessons called Fingertsyle basics is where I suggest everyone to start if they want to get into fingerstyle. After getting the thumb more independent, you can go in different directions depending in what your goal is. If you’re interested in playing solo guitar for others, I suggest you to try a couple of the tunes from the site that has a “boom chick” bass line. Like the tunes in the fingerstyle basics lessons, and then maybe Folsom prison blues, wellerman or something like that. If your also interested in improvisation and learning how to solo, I suggest you to start with the improv level one course and then level two, followed by “jazz up your blues”, “arpeggios”, “country guitar soloing”. Then move on to some jazz lines if you like that stuff too! There’s really a ton of stuff on this site that can help you become a better musician, and it’s really up to your own taste and what you’d like to be able to do with your music and your playing. Please let me know your level and what your goal is and I’ll suggest some ideas! Kind regards /E

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  • RE: Pro guitar

    Wonderful to read your post Glenn! Thanks so much for checking out our lessons! Don't hesitate to ask me anything if you need help with something.
    Tack Glenn!
    Kind regards/E

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  • RE: Hello from Sweden, too

    @thelostmoonstone Welcome to the site Björn! :)

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  • RE: Soundfile

    Thanks so much for the feedback. I'll look into if this is possible to do!

    I'm glad you look forward to the lesson! Happy practicing! :)
    Kind regards/E

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  • RE: On My Way - Alan Walker acoustic guitar solo by Barry

    @wang-wen Very nice work!! :)

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