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  • RE: Hello from Austin, Texas

    Hi there!!
    Wonderful to see! Great job!! I know how much work it takes to work out those parts!
    I'm glad you're part of our community @Vinay ! Thanks for sharing, and keep pickin'!
    Kind regards/Emil

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  • RE: How to utilize the method?

    Hi Rostislav!
    Thank you for the very good question about the lesson "Voice Leading VOL. 1" !

    In this lesson, (since it's volume 1) we mostly focus on the top voice of the chord, and we learn how to be creative and play melodies on top of the chord progressions using the diatonic major scale as well as arpeggio lines that connects the chords in a nice way. This is step one in learning about voice leading on guitar. How to be melodic in your chord melody and when you accompany someone on the guitar. This also helps you to learn more voicings on the instrument, which is important when you want to take the next step towards more advanced harmony and "voice leading" playing.

    You can definitely use the concepts when you're creating your own arrangements, but this lesson is made for anyone who plays guitar and not necessarily only solo fingerstyle guitar players. In other words, these concepts works great no matter what constellation you're playing in.. solo, duo, or in a band setting.
    In Vol. 2 however (this lesson is what I'm working on at the moment and will be released later this month), we're focusing more on the chromatic alterations, and how these voices can be moved in common chord progressions.
    How to create great sounding progressions and voice leading, and how to use more altered chords in your accompaniment or solo guitar playing!
    Stay tuned for Voice Leading VOL. 2, which I hope you'll enjoy too! :)

    Have a wonderful week Rostislav, and thanks for being part of our community!
    Kind regards/Emil

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  • RE: Slight correction needed for tab?

    Hi there!

    Yes, you are absolutely right! Mistake by me!
    I play that "pedal" note on the G string 9th fret (the note E).. In the notation and TAB I'm playing the major 3rd of that chord instead, as a pedal note.. That works too though! :)

    Thanks for letting me know!
    Kind regards/Emil

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  • RE: Typing error

    @derme said in Typing error:

    Hi there!
    Yes, you are absolutely right! I'll fix this today!
    Thanks for letting us know!
    Kind regards/Emil

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  • RE: Why do I have to have an instagram account after paying for you program!!

    Hi Joseph!
    We're not exactly sure what you mean, could you specify what videos you cannot access without an instagram account?

    You shouldn't need an instagram account to watch any of our lessons.
    Let us know and we'll try to fix this as soon as possible if something's wrong here.

    Thank you for being bart of our community! Talk soon,
    Kind regards/Emil Ernebro

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  • RE: Listening and time keeping

    Thank you for the nice message! :)
    Yes, in order to improvise well over different changes, you need to be aware of the chords that fly by at all times. I think it's very important to start with a chord progression that you've heard a LOT! That's why it's always a good idea to start with the Blues! A simple three chord blues (12 bar blues) in any key is great. And try to outline the chord changes over the blues.

    I'd strongly suggest the lesson Country Guitar: Soloing Concepts if you want to learn how to really follow the changes! We talk a lot about how to do that in this lesson, and we start off by working with the pentatonic scales to follow the changes - but we also use the mixolydian mode, chromatics and much more.
    Then when you want to take the next step in learning how to follow the changes and add more tension to your playing, check out the lesson Jazz Up Your Blues, where we also talk about this subject.

    Hope this helps, and have a great day! Thanks for being part of our community! :)
    Kind regards/Emil

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