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  • RE: Hello I'm Sam

    @sumlam Welcome to the site!!

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  • RE: Strings, what do you use?

    No problem!! Have a fun string searching journey! :)
    Kind regards/E

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  • RE: cant wait For vol 2.....plz

    Glad to hear that!

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  • RE: Strings, what do you use?

    Hi Fernando!

    Great question!

    When I first tried coated strings I didn't like them because of how different they felt to play - very slippery (this is way back when I think Elixir was the only brand offering coated strings). I also found them not sounding the way I wanted, or the way I was used to..

    Over time - new coated strings reached the market and it became more and more difficult to hear/see/feel the difference between regular strings and coated strings. There are different ways that they produce these variations of coating and I think the strings are so much better now than they used to be.
    This being said - I still prefer non coated strings, and I use phosphor bronze (d'addario). I just change them more regularly. However, I think if I really searched the market today I might find coated strings that works for me too - but phosphor bronze non coated sounds and feels the best to me. But I have friends that use coated only and it works and sounds great for them - so it's not like I think that my solution is the best for everyone.

    Kind regards/E

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  • RE: Thats alright mama intro licks missing pima

    Hi Stefan!

    I added the right hand fingering for bar 8 and 9 here so that you can see:

    Thats alright mama i p m.png

    Kind regards/Emil

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  • RE: Chanting. Ornette Coleman

    Wow that's some beautiful guitar playing right there César! Well done!!
    Kind regards/Emil

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  • RE: Awesome Service

    It's absolutely wonderful to hear that you're learning from the lessons Greg!
    Wish you a wonderful week, and keep pickin'! :)
    Kind regards/E

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  • RE: Mad Man Technique

    Hi there!
    Thanks so much for your words and feedback!!

    Yes, I usually rely och the index, middle and ring finger - although I also use the pinky a lot too. Robben Ford has a unique left hand in that the ring finger and pinky are almost always "tied" (close) together! He uses the pinky a lot - and he has a wonderful sound. It's cool to see so many great musicians - and they all have their own way of playing :) This proves that nothing is wrong... if it works - it's the right way for you! (When it comes to technique).. because if you look at say George Benson's technique compared to Steve Morse, or Albert Lee, or Tony Rice... Everyone has their own way of doing it - and it all works great for them! And they're all very different...

    This is why I try to mention in my lessons that you should try different technique's on your musical journey - but don't get stuck in thinking "I have to use that particular technique because so-and-so does that, and he/she are so great that it MUST be the best technique". Everyone is different - and that's why we need to find our own technique that works for us.

    Regarding replying on messages;
    I actually always try to respond to the messages, however - your message got stuck in the filter for some reason - and I didn't see it until now. So sorry for this!

    ProGuitar have actually never had as many students as we do today, and the response on social media and on the lessons are wonderful to see! We're glad that it's going in the right direction and that people like the lessons.

    Hope you'll learn a lot from the lessons and please let me know if you ever have any questions!
    Kind regards/Emil

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  • RE: Difficult A/C# chord in Silent Night

    No problem at all! I enjoy helping out with things like this!
    Have a great start on the new year! :)
    kind regards/E

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  • RE: Hello to all from Norman, Oklahoma.

    Thank You so much for the kind words!! :) I'm so glad you like my playing and lessons. I'll keep posting lessons and I'll do my best to create new material to learn from! :)
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    Kind regards/E

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