That's Alright Mama

  • Hello Emil.
    You had mentioned in your "That's Alright Mama" video tutorial to share if anyone had done your version of this song. So, here is my version. I certainly need more work with the independent thumb, but it's coming along. I also did a couple of things differently just because I couldn't figure out a couple of things you did. I just wanted to say, thanks so much for your lesson's videos. They have drastically changed and improved the way I look at the guitar. Looking forward to future lessons. You are an amazing player and have inspired me to learn and play more than ever. Thanks Emil
    Sincerely Bob Richard

  • @Bobguitarman
    Bob, I'm so happy to see your version!

    Wow, you have great timing, great feel, and a great tele sound!
    Like I wrote in your youtube post: You did the work!

    So happy to see that you learned from my lesson and that you're using the ideas. Not only that, you are also making them your own, and making them sound like you! That's the goal! Awesome playing, and I look forward to see more of your playing here on the site!

    Keep pickin'!

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