Your opinion on structuring practice for efficient learning

  • Hi, love this site, your arrangements and your way of teaching theory sort of indirectly by presenting examples of playing different styles etc. Really valuable!

    Just thought about this idea as I was learning one of your arrangements. What do you think about doing a video where you go through how you think about structuring a practice session for learning new arrangements/chords/scales? How one practice and learns on the guitar becomes very individualized over time of course.. but I think many of us would find it valuable to hear your opinions on the topic (maybe together with example-exercises)... with all your playing-experience. A big topic that could be tackled in many ways.. and it seems like something that really can make a difference over time.

    Thanks a lot and take care!


  • Hi Fabian!
    Thanks for your message and great suggestion.

    We've actually talked about making a "practice-session lesson", but in what form we haven't really decided yet. I was thinking it might be cool to add a series of lessons called "Practice with Emil" or something similar, where I talk about and show the different ways on how I practice, and how I learn and remember. I'll definitely do lessons on this topic, just gotta find the time to squeeze it in! :) Thanks so much for the suggestion - stay tune my friend!
    Kind regards/E

  • Awesome! :clap: looking forward to it; och känn lugnet :heart:

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